The Nurturing Care Framework is evidence-based multilayered dynamic framework that promotes human capital development from preconception to early childhood through stable environments. According to the framework, the five essential components of such environments are those that (1) promote health, (2) provide adequate nutrition, (3) ensure safety and provide protection from threats, (4) ensure opportunities for learning, and (5) ensure relationships that are emotionally supportive and responsive. A new paper recently published in the BMJ Global Health, which was led by Maureen Black and co-authored by Elizabeth Prado, extends this framework from preconception through adolescence. 

Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals depends on strengthening human capital formation. Embedded in enabling laws, policies and services, the dynamic components of the Nurturing Care Framework can mitigate adversities, enhance resilience and promote the well-being of marginalized groups. The life-course extension of the Nurturing Care Framework is strategically positioned to enhance human capital, to attain the Sustainable Development Goals and to ensure that children and adolescents are not left behind in reaching their developmental potential.